Monday, December 29, 2008

arts and farts

Needed somewhere to post original character designs...until I can muster the computer knowledge to make a professional website...
Character ideations for an idea i've been kicking around for a children's book/animated series (i wish).... called Monty & Me

Monty & Me is sort of an homage to my childhood adventures I had with my old cat well as the summers I spent in California with my Grandparents.

Ignore the obvious Calvin & Hobbes references and the fact that the title is very close to Marley & Me... it's still in its beginning stages....

This was mostly a challenge to get my bum in gear and do something with the ideas i have floating in my head. Trying to explore different styles/body shapes in the characters. Also going to try to do nice colored scenes with these guys for once... instead of character lineups over and over again.