Monday, March 23, 2009

no more DAAP EVER!!!

I'd like to start off by saying...i have no idea how to post comments on this all.. so to everyone that's been commenting thank you so much for your feedback!!! I just have no way of replying to you yet....for some reason the word I need to order to prove I'm not a robot..never loads.....sigh.. so...I'm not ignoring you...I'm just really bad with the internet...

But in more SHAZAMALAMMIN' news!!!! I got accepted to CalArts!!! into the second year of Character Animation no less!! which...i didn't think was possible.. but i seriously hope that wasn't a typo on my acceptance letter..because being able to shave off a years worth of tuition is a godsend... because i am POOR ..alas...seems like my future in a cardboard box on some abandoned boardwalk is a little closer's hoping i get a job in the animation industry (Pixar or bust) and the economy doesn't continue to tank in the year 2012... :P

adkfa;kdjfa; i think it's just starting to hit me... i get to start animating in the fall adka;dj man i'm so giddy about that... no more industrial design projects... EVER!!!! on to character design, figure drawing, environments, story classes.... huzzah! Man i cannot WAIT to have professors I respect and who completely qualify for their jobs....unlike DAAP...

oh hay speaking of a complete waste of a quarter... our second project (also my last industrial design project EVER hoorah!) was a point of purchase display.... insert extra barf here... i tried to push it towards my interests as much as i did a POP display for urban vinyl toys. Originally had it where I was doing DIY munnys from KidRobot, but like... 2 weeks before the damn thing was due my professor was all like... "jk you should make your own store and toy" yeah... great idea... wish we'd decided on that at the beginning of the I ended up cranking like mad and doing my own DIY figurines called Chunkies for my own urban vinyl toy, print and apparel store called Moshi Moshi. The company of Moshi Moshi ended up having an entirely nautical theme of characters.... 3 eyed octopus, narwhals, a pirate girl (who is basically sushi girl with a tattoo), skulls and crossbones...

if i had the money i would totally start my own urban vinyl company.. kidrobot and tokidoki are so sweet....even though i don't drop serious cash on collecting the vinyl figures i love the characters these artists come up with (this is one of my favs right now: Heroes of Burgertown ...i pretty much want all of them)

any whoozle.... here's the poster art i did to go on the back of the display:
i'll upload the actualy POP display design art and marketing board later.... apparently blogger is running into internal errors when i try to post more art...


  1. Wow Erin.. Superrrr congrats for getting into Calarts, You know its pretty practical to be this high on it. Its actually superrr cool and hopefully you will endup at Pixar. I loves the poster to did too.. Just went through this post searching something online. :) All the very best. NJOY.

  2. You could start animating right now.