Saturday, August 1, 2009


I got this thing back like last month...but i'm lazy about uploading anything or even taking pictures so decided today was the day....

looking at it now i'm scratching my head over why calarts is letting me transfer (or even why i was accepted)...i hate my portfolio..especially after seeing these wonderkids coming into the class of '13 holy guys.... you guys are unreal...
and i think i missed the memo of everyone doing really "experimental" figure drawings..mine are very traditional (i always just want to capture the model realistically)...i've never had a chance to splatter around water color or draw people in costumes...the models that wandered into daap were very naked and very old...sooooo myup nothing crazy beautiful...just charcoal....dur hur

also i think i've way improved since these were drawn... Putting together this portfolio was very helter skelter...i was in Springfield, MA last fall on co-op with Hasbro i had no idea what figure drawings i had on hand from my winter 2008 quarter (since they were at home)...and all the animal drawings were done at the zoo in the park with like...gloves on because it was freezing from sept-nov and then i flew home for thanksgiving and threw everything together in time to make the early due date.... and the day i sent my portfolio in everything went to shit as far as family...our horse Tee passed away horribly that night...and i still feel sick to my stomach that i couldn't drive down with my parents to kentucky to the equine hospital to at least say goodbye to him..oh god ;_;

right i'm's my shit portfolio (pics are really bad..because it's overcast today..maybe i'll retake them on a sunny day and reupload...probably not though)...a lot isn't shown (as far as not from life work) in this because it's confidential character work for Hasbro..that i was allowed to show only because it was for an application to a school...i can probably never show this stuff...or at least until after 2011..probably not though....wish i's my best work by far...

Calarts Portfolio

kept my portfolio small as far as quantity (all these figure drawings are from like early 2008 and late 2007...yuck)...and as far as the supplemental stuff...there's actually a lot more to it...but it was supplemental so i don't really feel like scanning in every page of my sketchbook..and then i can't show the main character stuff because i signed it away...with my soul to Hasbro :P

Here's the last in class figure drawing i did in March 2009... to wash the bad old portfolio taste out of my mouth :/

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