Friday, September 11, 2009

class schedule

Orientation week is crazy...i love everyone i've met so far!!! Why did I wait so long to apply here? I could not see myself anywhere else :)

Here's my class schedule...although I kind of want to add a few classes if probably isn't..but I'd love to squeeze in Directing for Animators, Acting for Animators, Advanced Life Drawing: Illustration, and/or History of Fashion..... o_______o want want want want want.... but i may have more then enough on my plate already....hmmm

also I'm auditing the first year courses Perspective, Color and Design I, and Intro to Digital Production for Animators....this is going to be INSANE :D :D :D :D no sleep for meeeeee

cannot wait for Monday!! classes start and i get to sign up for my cuuuubbee!!

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