Tuesday, November 3, 2009

some more character designs and layout assignments

More character designs and layouts :)

Supposed to design something ridiculously tall and something small (similar to the match up of Hogarth and the Iron Giant)....in hindsight..my monster ended up looking very Cloverfield..i didn't mean for that to happen at all haha:

and then the monster fluffier (my characters that showed up in a previous perspective assignment only a little different):Funny skull designs (except i just drew some kids hanging out in some dinosaur skulls...just because):

Layout assignments:
Silhouette something with local color...since it was Halloween..I did the corpse scarecrow that featured prominently in my nightmares as a child o__o:

And my characters for my film idea at the moment :)


  1. You are amazing! I like the film idea characters best :)

  2. those skulls are so cool! i love that idea.