Thursday, March 5, 2009

figure drawing

I'm taking a figure drawing class this quarter...which I love! It's nice to come in for four hours and just relax and draw however i want... no ideating, designing, bleh...i just pop in my headphones and it are some gestures and long pose drawings... if they look wonky it's because they are too large to scan so they're just photos of the work... or i just completely suck at drawing the human figure...haha...
gestures are on newsprint with charcoal pencil (1-2 minutes) and the long pose studies (2ish hours) are on colored canson paper with charcoal pencil and white pastel pencil:

I would also like to add that the gesture drawings of the woman are so quick...she held the poses for like.. 2 seconds then would change...not my favorite model...also..models should stay away from tattoos that cover important parts of their anatomy therefore making it impossible to see definition and where to shade.. aka don't tattoo your boobs..ever...if you want to model for a figure drawing makes drawing you exceptionally difficult and it's shockingly unnattractive :P

The guy featured in these sketches is the best model ever. I was so sick of drawing flabby guys... it's great to draw someone whose muscles are defined... you could see every muscle in his back!! it was like drawing a superhero and he's like 50 too... makes me feel so out of shape.

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  1. That is SO true...flower tits did begin to get on my nerves after a while (that's her nickname around the Fine Arts studios now...yea) but Dexter's models are super crazy...its awesome that I can see where you were sitting in relation to me...haha. I love your gestures!