Thursday, March 5, 2009

some random arts

OMYGOODNESS... another post... in rapid succession.. haha didn't want everything all on one i divvied it up..

just a compilation of random doodles/ideas that have been floating around and some stuff from last year that i'm very fond of:

some dancing girls... I draw women too much.. but i wanted to mess with styles a teensy bit...if only for how their legs are drawn as well as for the mohawk and afro girl...because they are my favs.

GOATS!! I actually have a goat....for reals.. his name is Ozzy and he's adorkable...and he really does run like that... I've had a little kid's book idea bopping around that would center on a goat.. but haven't really done much about it.. I just love the idea..goats are such silly animals and there aren't many (if any) big characters out there (animated or in story format) that are goats...i should change that...

my sushi kids!!! these are my brain babies...first real characters that i've poured my love into...left to right: Kimchi Boy (Jin), Sushi Girl (Emily), Saki Girl (Alice), Fortune Cookie Boy (Jonathan, Nate, "Lucky), Miso Soup Boy (Tobias, Tobey), and Green Tea Girl (Gemma). Growing up they had nicknames for each other based off of food. I have so much backstory for these guys i could take up this entire blog with it (next post i'll flesh them out..if not for the three people following this blog..but for myself so i finally have it written down). I'd love seeing this as an animated series for more of a tween and up range.
AND MY OTHER BRAIN BABY!! The epic plot hole full of cliches.... If I could take a year off of school and just draw these guys i would.. i love them so much... The story takes place in the future during the third world war. There's super powers, immortality, action, an epic journey across the world, and not an entirely happy ending. this sketch compilation is like the tip of the iceburg... i have a sketchbook overflowing with concepts for these guys...but that sketchbook is at Calarts right now....hopefully getting me in :P I really want to make this into a graphic novel....badly...

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