Monday, August 3, 2009

Harley Quinn monday

I declare this week BATMAN VILLAINS WEEK!!! I solemnly swear that each day i shall draw a batman villain!! huzzah!

Today i drew Harley Quinn...

the original goal was to create a design that could fit in the Nolan-verse..but instead it ended up looking more Burton-verse. I don't think she'd fit well with Nolan-verse anyways...especially with the Dark Knight's Joker...I think he'd probably show HQ the pencil trick before he let her call him "Mistah Jay." love love love her character either way...

so here's my take on Harley Quinn:


  1. i LOOOVE the first three Harley's in the upper right hand corner

  2. I simply love it, I mean, I love Harley Quinn since I was a brad, but the principal reason for which I love it is because you didn't exaggerate the details and designed a simple drawing. my friend Cialis was right when she told me you were a talented cartoonist. Now I was able to check it by myself.