Friday, August 7, 2009

Bop it!

Hey.... so that Batman villains week totally hit a wall.. and that wall's name was INSANE EYESTRAIN... i've been wearing glasses all week..and hiding in a dark corner because it hurt like a mo fo...but against my parents wishes i was doodling away..just not able to color up stuff in photoshop like i really wanted too.... expect the Penguin, Poison Ivy, Two face, Catwoman, and the Joker up this weekend.....

on to something completely different... I can finally show ONE thing from my time at Hasbro games... Because the new Bop it! is out on shelves.. and it is awesome... i played with it at Target today....YOU SHOULD ALL GO BUY ONE.. because the DESIGN IS SWEET and there are a couple new totally awesome features like "Party play" and Shout it....
I didn't do anything with the design.. the interns mostly got to play with it a lot and noodle with packaging concepts...i did concept board stuff though..and now i can show you... my KIDS.. let me show you them o_______________o

first is the concept board showing "Party Play" ...the next is just the kids... I sent this in as part of my Calarts portfolio for supplementary work....they are so ethnically diverse :P

next was just a kid to throw on the box packaging as a place holder:

i really like the art they've got on the packaging's a nice style.. :D totally miss Hasbro time ever working there... i believe by next month another thing will be on shelves and i can throw out some other artwork


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