Sunday, August 9, 2009

Poison Ivy and Two-Face sittin' in a tree

and now "batman villains week" has become "batman pairings whenever the hell i feel like it" hahaha right... so here are Poison Ivy and Two-Face...

i like the weirdest couples...but i could have sworn they went on a date in an early Batman animated episode...before Harvey Dent had become Two-Face....fwhatever...i love them dearly...

She'd nag him about the environment..and part of him would care and the other half would want to go torch'd be magical

Thoughts behind why they look that way... Two-face is a combination of Nolan's version in Dark Knight, Batman animated, and Gregory Peck (I like him with the burn versus the weird chemical mutation...Blasphemy i know..but...personal taste). Ivy is me trying to be Jim Lee and Adam Hughes... and FAILING..whatev they are HAWT.

I'd love to continue this with a Joker/Harley, Batman/Catwoman, and Batgirl/Nightwing..but who am i kidding..i'll probably get distracted....either way...that is my goal for this try to keep this up.. HA

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